Big tree losing the leavesThe Fall colors are late in arriving reminding us that Mother Nature has her own schedule. Usually by now the trees display dazzling hues and capture our vision, but the weather this year has been unusual. There are no guarantees with the weather or with other parts of our lives so smart people moderate the risks with health, finances and our own fitness. By taking preventative steps, we can feel secure even if our surrounds change in ways we cannot predict.

Putting money away for a “rainy day” is wise and working with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) can help make that money work more efficiently. Meeting with a CFP can also help you build long-term wealth strategies. This provides the security we all want in our lives once the leaves have all fallen to the ground.

For most of us using a Certified Financial Planner can help protect our assets through various placements of our moneys. Depending on goals, the planner can design a way for you and your family to attain the financial situation you want.

Les Merritt is a CPA and a CFP so he can is ready to review your plan and be sure it is the right one for you, in terms of both tax planning and financial planning. He has been working in these fields for 35 years. He understands the importance of the long run and reducing tax liability in the short run. You can rely on his experience to help you make the best decisions. Call Les today at (919) 269-8553 and figure out the best options for your future.

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