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On this day in 44 B.C. Julius Caesar did not heed the warning.  A soothsayer reminded him on his way to the Senate that his life was in danger. Caesar ignored the warning, lost his crown and his life. He was assassinated by his enemies. The Ides of March became a day of infamy. Don’t […]


  Oh yes. This is the time of the year you will get a reminder of taxes. In your mailbox, you will receive information about filing your 2016 taxes from our friends at the IRS. Among the things that need to be completed is sending out W2s by the end of this month. All accountants […]

Dave Ramsey Trusts Les

Dave Ramsey is America’s trusted voice on money. He is an author, radio show host and television regular. He is recognized as one of the top experts about handling personal budgets, taxes and investments. With April 15 only a few weeks away, we hope you have taken care of tax preparation, but if not, now […]

Should your Financial Advisor Know about your Taxes?

Your certified financial planner needs to know about your taxes. Since the advisor’s purpose is to help you with your overall financial standing, this is critical information. You want that person to have as much information about the present tax/financial situation to create a brighter future. How does your financial planner communicate with your accountant? […]

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