With the filing deadline a mere 27 days away on April 18th, your tax return is probably completed by now. Your CPA or accountant has crunched all the numbers and you know what’s on the bottom line—how much you owe or will be refunded. How do you feel about your bill or your refund? Did […]

Swimming Upstream on Taxes?

By now you probably know whether you get a tax refund or whether you have to pay. Dismayed by your results? Are you swimming upstream or standing still? Which of these swim strokes represents your activity in getting the best refund? Floaters just stay on top of the water and make no progress. These folks […]

Small Fry Refunds

              As tax refunds are being sent, which will you be: Delighted with your big catch? Disappointed with your puny refund and ready to throw it back? Depressed that the shark caught you? Don’t settle for an empty fishing trip and the Post-April 15th Blues. Be sure you are […]

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