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On this day in 44 B.C. Julius Caesar did not heed the warning.  A soothsayer reminded him on his way to the Senate that his life was in danger. Caesar ignored the warning, lost his crown and his life. He was assassinated by his enemies. The Ides of March became a day of infamy. Don’t […]

GOOD NEWS! 44th to 11th

Did you know that due to tax cuts over the last four years that our state, North Carolina, has improved the business tax climate?  We have gone the 44th best to the 11th best business tax climate in the US according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation. This is in part because of meeting revenue targets […]


Now that a tax store has enlisted the services of IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence computing to do taxes, one has to wonder if a machine can be programmed to be smarter than a person for preparing taxes. Yes, we know Watson has been programmed to play chess but do you want it to prepare your […]

NO TAXES DUE APRIL 15th…but Tread Softly

Among the changes in taxes in 2017, this year no taxes will be due April 15; you will have until the 18th. This and numerous other changes to the tax code make it prudent to work with a Certified Public Accountant. Here are a few other changes coming from the IRS: Tax brackets will be […]

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