Summer is upon us. With the rising temperatures and bright sunshine, our thoughts turn to vacations and outside activities. We schedule time with family and friends and devise outings at the beach or in the mountains. We pull out our sunscreen to protect us from UV rays and go for the gusto. You want to […]

Future Planning

When we are young we are asked what we want to be when we grow up. We settle on a direction and, formally or informally, plan how to get there. But what if that job is no longer there when we finish training or school or if we find we lose interest in that field […]


With the filing deadline a mere 27 days away on April 18th, your tax return is probably completed by now. Your CPA or accountant has crunched all the numbers and you know what’s on the bottom line—how much you owe or will be refunded. How do you feel about your bill or your refund? Did […]

GOOD NEWS! 44th to 11th

Did you know that due to tax cuts over the last four years that our state, North Carolina, has improved the business tax climate?  We have gone the 44th best to the 11th best business tax climate in the US according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation. This is in part because of meeting revenue targets […]

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