Easter Egg kids

The Easter holiday is done. Now that the children have uncovered their colorful eggs, it’s time to think about another kind of egg. What are you doing about your nest egg?

First, where did that strange expression come from? According to, the term from the 14th century refers to the practice of putting a real or china egg in a hen’s nest so that she would lay other eggs. The relation to money appears to have been made in the 17th century. The meaning might have come from the idea that if you put money away, you could pull it out later.

Today a nest egg is critical to retirement, and by investing money you can multiply it. This is similar to the hen who laid new eggs in the phrase coined some seven centuries ago. When you invest, you are creating wealth for a future time, just as the inserted egg prompted the hen to produce more.

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Source for origin of nest egg:

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