Save for a rainy dayThe origin of this phrase dates from the 1400’s. According to numerous sources it came from a play. “The saying ‘save your money for a rainy day’ comes from an Italian comedy, La Spiritata by the Florentine playwright, A. F. Grazzini  and written in 1561.  The adaptation years later by John Lyly (1554–1628) was known as The Bugbearrs,” according to the idiomation website. Whatever the origin the phrase is heard often today and refers to having money put away for less prosperous times or an unforeseen need.

This advice may be literally true for some with our recent downpours in North Carolina. The cloud covered skies for the last few days remind us that every day is not sunny and we need to be prepared.

The same may be said for our financial weather report. It is a good idea to prepare for retirement, education needs for ourselves, our children or grandchildren, all of which can be foreseen. We also need to prepare for unpredictable events. The old song says, “Into each life a little rain must fall” which was taken from a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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