Did you know that when you pay your NC taxes that over 50% are an investment in the North Carolina future? The budget for 2017 sets spending for education at 23% and for Health Care at 32%.

We all complain about paying taxes but when you consider that you are helping fund our children’s potential and opportunity and keeping NC citizens healthy, maybe taxes aren’t so bad as we think.

Think of the state of the state if we did not fund health care. More sick people walking around would lead to even more sick people as disease and illness became widespread. Flu could hit epidemic proportions. More people would be absent from work or unable to work at all. Untreated illness leads to more expensive care at a later date.

What about a state without proper education? How many young people without the opportunities to learn would be employable? How could we attract businesses to the state when there was a scarcity of educated workers? The quality of life would also decline quickly with an uneducated population.

So next time you get ready to complain about your taxes, think about your investment in North Carolina, your family’s future and the your quality of life here. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful and lively locality and can show our gratitude by realizing our part in supporting North Carolina.

See a tax consultant to get your taxes done today. Les Merritt, a CPA and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) can help you support our state without overpaying. Call Les at 919- 269-8553 to schedule an appointment.

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