Past Present Future Live for TodayAccording to an article in The Guardian, “Psychologists have found that people are distracted from the task at hand nearly half the time, and this daydreaming consistently makes them less happy.

But the study also found that people spend nearly half their time (46.7%) thinking about something other than what they are actually doing.”

If we spend all our time in the present and do not look back at the past or forward to the future, will our lives really be better?

The Past

Don’t spend too much time looking back. Treasure your memories and learn from your mistakes. Without the benefit of reflecting on the good times, we would be missing some powerful motivation. By not learning from our past, we avoid opportunities to improve our lives.

The Present

Spending time concentrating on what is going on right now is a key to happiness as stated above, but without plans for the future, the new present (tomorrow, next week, next year, years from now) might not be as pleasant. It is easier to live for today when we have a plan for tomorrow. Then you can fully enjoy those around you, the natural beauty and joys—large and small—as they happen.

The Future

Don’t miss out on the present because you are unsure about the future. Plan for the future by taking steps in the present to free you up now and when the future arrives. Thinking about the future allows us to have hopes and dreams. Be sure to invest in yours.

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Enjoy the journey today: feel gratitude for friends and family and every day pleasures. Find joy in each task you are performing. Remember by preparing for the future you can live in the moment and in the moments when the future comes.

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