When we get our occasional snowstorms in North Carolina, we rush to prepare. Many run out to buy milk and bread and replenish their stock of firewood in case the electricity goes out. It may seem that the warm, sunshine days will never return, but they do. As we are hunkered down, we have an opportunity to get ready for warmer days and many busy themselves with inside cleanup. Then, when the 70-degree weather returns, it is time to enjoy outside activities again with a renewed vigor. We know that we are more organized for whatever may come because we have prepared.

During cleanup is a great time to reconsider our long-range planning for our later years. How well are we prepared for retirement? Will we have adequate resources to meet unseen demands? Will we have the reserves to travel, to enjoy vacations and to spend time with family?

Our future merits more planning than a family vacation, more preparation than a strategy for bad weather. Setting the right amount of money aside and investing it wisely deserves time and resources, yet few of us have the hours and skills to do so.

A certified financial planner (CFP) can help. Les Merritt is not only a CFP but also a CPA and has earned the Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) designation. An ELP is not an easy designation to earn. Dave Ramsey only endorses the most skilled and caring professionals and then they are held to a higher standard of excellence.

So, as we bask in the sunshine after our encounter with snow, think about how you will be prepared for your future. Call Les Merritt today at (919) 269-8553 to see how he can help. Don’t get caught without future firewood when you may need it.

Updated: January 12, 2017 — 9:37 am
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