In a greenhouseThis month the flowers bloom all around us. Besides being a marvelous month for Spring’s beauty, June hosts many celebrations. Among those is a minor one but one we should observe: June is Effective Communications Month. Relationships both personal or professional are flourish from successful communication. You want to work with who cultivates dialogue when dealing with the critical and personal aspects of your life. This certainly applies to your finances which should allow you to harvest what you want when the time comes.

Work with a Certified Financial Planner(CFP) who understands your unique situation and can help you to maximize your resources. By planning—and planting the correct seeds—you can prosper and reap a ripe return. As we watch the beautify of the variety of flowers the world around us, it is time to reconsider what we have seeded and whether we will be bountiful when our gardens bloom.

Next you will need to be vigilant about your investments the way a gardener is about his plants. You will want to work with a professional who helps you weed out what you don’t want and be sure to nurture what you expect to grow.

Les Merritt a CFP and goes a step beyond as a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider. Les is a great listener and speaks in plain terms so his clients understand what he says. He goes out of his way to be sure his clients know what their financial picture is, how it can be improved and how he can help them reap the rewards for the goals they set. As the outlook changes, he is there to make adjustments and deepen the relationship.

Call (919) 269-8553 today and talk to Les. He is an excellent communicator who is also a market-savvy financial planner.

Updated: June 2, 2017 — 10:00 am
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