CaesarOn this day in 44 B.C. Julius Caesar did not heed the warning.  A soothsayer reminded him on his way to the Senate that his life was in danger. Caesar ignored the warning, lost his crown and his life. He was assassinated by his enemies. The Ides of March became a day of infamy.

Don’t let this day be unlucky for you. Remember It’s only 33 days until your tax return is due. If you and your accountant have not already started on yours, you might have to file an extension.

Tempus fugit (time flies) which was coined by the Roman poet Virgil is still true today, so don’t ignore the warning.

Les Merritt, who is a CPA, Certified Financial Planner and has the Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) designation can help you. If you have been procrastinating, today is a good day to contact Les at  (919) 269-8553 and set up a meeting. By filing on time or getting an extension, you can keep the dangers of missing filing at bay.

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