Autumn landscapeAs the leaves fall and the colors emerge on trees, the time of the year to reflect returns once again. It is not too early to plan for 2018 and consider what goals, hopes and dreams you have. You might ask yourself what would you like to see for your families and yourself in the coming year and what can you do to set things in motion to create those events. This is a good time to pre-plan vacations and travel for the upcoming year and decide what activities to continue as well as what we want to add. You might also want to revisit your budget and look at new and recurring expenses.

Fall is the perfect time to review your financial investments and to meet with a professional to look through your portfolio and solicit advice. Make an appointment with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to determine how your investments are faring and to make any necessary adjustments. CFPs are those planners who have successfully completed the certification and who maintain that certification through continuous training. These people are required to keep up with the most recent information about financial planning and as a result are able to help you navigate fiscal waters.

When you are considering your fall planning give Les Merritt, CFP, a call at (919) 269-8553 to discuss your future. Remember this is the perfect time to begin planning for next year and be sure your financial plan is still working for you. Les recommends that you review your investments at least once a year so if you have not done so yet, make an appointment to do so now.

Updated: October 13, 2017 — 10:40 pm
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