March Basketball player shootingMadness begins here in North Carolina with the Men’s ACC Championship next week. These exciting games are followed by the NCAA Basketball Tournament which starts on March 14 and ends April 3. As many eyes turn to basketball, some are procrastinating about having their taxes prepared and filed on time.

Once a champion is crowned on April 3, you will only have two weeks to file your return or get an extension. Those who procrastinate will have a number of excuses including:

  • Doing nothing prevents me from making a mistake
  • I like to work under pressure
  • I am a perfectionist and don’t want to mess up

Avoid tax procrastination. Take your taxes to Les Merritt early. This is a winning idea because giving your tax expert extra time could save you a lot of money. Early preparation gives Les and his trained staff more time to find deductions and to research additional ways to save you money.

Working early with Les saves you the stress of thinking about an unfinished task. Get your receipts, bills and related tax materials together and set an appointment. If you cannot file by the April deadline, let Les know so he can file an extension for you.

In either case, enjoy what should be a thrilling conclusion of the college basketball season, and complete your taxes on time. Call Les Merritt at (919) 269-8553 to schedule your appointment.

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